Basic Spa Etiquettes from Start to Finish

How to behave in the spa is a source of concern for people visiting a spa for first time, but once you get familiar with the basics, it is quite easy. Here are some basics of spa etiquettes to get familiar with and feel comfortable during the treatment.

spa etiquettes

Turn off your mobile – Spa is intended for relaxation and a mobile phone ringing can hinder the peaceful environment and your mind. Answering, calls, texting and checking emails can even annoy the person having spa treatment next to you. It is advised to carry a magazine or book instead for a pedicure.

Arrive punctually – For basic day spa treatment turn up 15 to 20 minutes early. This gives you time to get familiar with the surrounding and you can unwind before the massage. Better, reach early rather than the behind schedule and miss fraction of the treatment.

Spa Arrive punctually

In a resort spa or destination spa, there may be other people waiting for their turn before you. You may even need some time to fill some paperwork. Get a spa tour, change into a spa robe and enjoy the amenities provided like hot tub or steam room.

Have a shower – It is nice to take a shower to freshen up before the treatment. It is nice especially if you have spent time relaxing in the pool or hot tub that has chlorinated water. Standing under a shower can get the chemicals washed away before massage.

Day Spa Treatment

Speak out – During massage appointment, you will be asked if you wish a female or male therapist. If you do not select, you are likely to get male therapist because majority of people choose female. Massage therapists are trained to value limitations and employ proper draping techniques.

Even during the massage freely speak – You may desire more or less pressure, quiet music, switch off the table warmer or you may need a blanket in case you are feeling cold. Your comfort is vital during the treatment.

day spa treatment massage

Undressing norm – Massage is basically done nude with a sheet covered on your body all the time. The part that is massaged is exposed. If being completely undressed seems too much, you can try Thai massage or Reflexology that allows keeping your clothes on. If you are booked at Spa Montréal for comprehensive packages, take the body treatment before massage and facial after the massage.

Avoid chatting loudly – You must voice your needs during the treatment, so that the therapist can follow your lead. However, use a low voice, while talking because other spa guests may be looking for calm and peaceful experience.

spa guests

Getting up after treatment – There is no need to jump up immediately after the treatment. Remember there are other spa guests waiting for their turn, so don’t linger for long.

Tipping advice – It is advised to clarify the tipping etiquette because some spas include tips in the service price. Basically, 10% to 20% is offered for the therapist’s exceptional service.

tipping etiquette

Cancellation policy – Mostly all the spas have 24-hour cancellation policy. In case you cannot keep the spa appointment it is wise to cancel it as soon as possible. The spa can accept another guest in your place.