Don’t Force Your Family To Pay For A Costly Funeral

One of the most difficult, heartbreaking times for any family is when they lose a loved one. It can also be financially devastating for those who don’t pre-plan their funeral. Don’t make your death any harder than it has to be by not investing in a final needs plans.

Funerals can be expensive. When you add up the price of funeral home services, religious services, and the cost of a monument, the average funeral can cost around $7, 000. Add to this travel expenses for family members who have to fly back home in order to attend the service, and you’re looking at a lot of money that your family may or may not have. If you haven’t set aside any money to cover your funeral, it will be your family who has to be pay for all of it.

It isn’t easy knowing that you’ll only be leaving behind debts for your family, which is why final needs plans exist. It’s a way to provide for your family even after you‘re gone. By contributing to a plan each month, over the course of your life you can accumulate enough money to pay for your service. While your plan grows tax-free each year, you can rest assured that your family won’t be crippled financially by your death.


Every individual who begins pre-planning has different needs, so it’s essential that you receive personal counselling to help you find the right plan best suited for your preferences and financial situation, regardless of medical conditions. A good final needs provider will help you consider the cost of your needs and wants and suggesting a contribution plan that could cover them.

When you go over your final needs plan with a knowledgeable pre-planning advisor, you’ll learn that your account will also provide for final document services. The provider will handle the paperwork created by a death, including notifications to governments and institutions to retire Social Insurance Numbers, Health Cards, and banking accounts. This leaves your family members (who don’t have experience filing these documents) more time to grieve without worrying about bureaucracy.

If you’re confused about which final needs provider is your best option, consider doing some research on the subject. Only look for those providers that create unique payment plans according to your wishes and financial needs. After some searching, you’ll find that The Elephas Group has the most individual approach to pre-planning needs. Their helpful representatives will meet with you on a one-on-one basis to offer advice and to ensure you receive the exact plan you require.

The end to a life is never easy, especially for those you get left behind. To ease the pain of your own departure, invest in a final needs plan. Though you’ll no longer be there with them, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you did everything in your power to take care of them.