Score perfect 6-pack abs in a month – Rigorous workout ideas to follow

There’s definitely a reason behind so many selfies sporting the sexy set of six-pack abs; because well defined abs reflect the hallmark of fitness which is a great opportunity to showcase your hard work that you’ve put into diet and training. By following a one-month to get your abs in shape, you can soon fall in love with your body which you had long been dreaming of. If you’re a huge fan of mixing exercises, you will never actually get bored of meeting challenges and improving your health at the same time. When you don’t eat properly, you won’t get results but if you soon get your diet into order, you can soon meet your midriff!

Ditch your conventional sit-ups and try some of the below listed exercises and tips to create those perfect abs and take on the 30-day abs challenge.

  1. Follow the right diet: Are you of the notion that when you work hard in the gym, you can get the perfect abs? Irrespective of the number of crunches and sit-ups which you do daily, without taking on to a proper diet. Those who wish to have the perfect abs should have the 3 standard sized meals and snacks in between. Include the right carbohydrates in your diet and not the pizza, French-fries and pasta. Try bread, whole grain, brown rice or oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also have snacks which are rich in protein like almonds, cashews, peanut-butter and walnuts.
  2. Do some cardio workout: One more important fact for all those who wish to shed those extra pounds is losing weight and this can be done fast when you include cardiovascular exercises in your workout schedule. Run, swim or bike 3 times in a week for around 30 minutes and remain active 5 days in a week. First you require losing the fat which hides your abs and then you can get a result.
  3. Train your core strength: Strength training is perhaps the best way in which you can get your 6-packs and those much-desired sculpted abs. Crunches usually work well on upper abs but you also require taking steps to strengthen your lower abs. Leg lifts can improve your lower abs. Do 5 sets of 20 lifts everyday as that will strengthen your legs.

99% of the times, when people fail to achieve the kind of 6 pack abs that they desire, it is because of the fact that they make poor food choices or that they’re consuming too many calories and not burning them on time. You can track your progress by writing down your daily progress and by reviewing it at the end of the week.