The History and the Importance of Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharma business is seriously not an individual process to handle. It is maintained by vast networks across the world managed by experienced pharmaceuticals teams. Without experienced professionals, the process can just become time-consuming and inefficient. The pharma industry has really come in the limelight due to the major role played by the pharmaceutical medicines manufacturer India for the general community welfare.

Going to the basics, the word “pharmaceutical” is derived from two words-its Greek counterpart “pharmakeus”, meaning a person who prepares poison or medicine, and the other word is “pharmakon” which means medicine. And truly, the existence of the pharma industry dates much before the pharmaceutical word was invented.

pharma industry dates

The first drugstore was said to exist in the middle ages. Medicine has been known to be practised before the organisation of civilizations. Many cave paintings and wall markings have been found which show that our early ancestors were already blessed with the knowledge about medicine and how to prepare it.

A few decades ago, when science had not progressed so much, the death rate was ridiculously height. But fast forward to the 21st century, the scenario has changed and the death rate has gone down by a great deal. And we should really praise the ones who were responsible for this. Have you notice the labels on the medicines that you take? Well, in the present times, we really need to be very grateful to all the pharmaceutical companies for being live savers and delivering excellent medicines that have the ability to easily cure even the most dangerous of diseases. The non-stop endeavours of the pharma companies have resulted into medicines for almost every type of disease in the public health administration market.

public health administration market

Main purposes of the pharmaceutical companies are drug manufacturing and their development. Discovering the medicine is an important part. In this stage, different compounds and chemicals are explored and tested to create the drug. In early ages, drugs were discovered either by sudden twists in experiments or by isolation of active ingredients. Thanks to the biotechnology today, the metabolic pathways of viruses are manipulated using molecular biology or biotechnology and new medicines are created.

After the discovery has been done and the drug has been identified, the process the reaches the drug development stage. In this process, studies are carried out around the potency of the new medicine using proper dosages and formulations. Clinical trials are carried out on animals, and following their success, the drugs are then release in the market for our use.

drug development stage

Pharmaceutical companies are governed by the law. Proper licences and approvals need to be acquired before a pharma company can be started and clinical tests can be done. Thus, it is not a surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the costliest industries in the world.

drug development stage1

Without pharmaceutical companies, the world would literally be paralyzed. Pharmaceutical medicines manufacturer India works non-stop to deliver cure for the most common and uncommon diseases. Thus, it is truly an industry dedicated to the welfare of the living beings and must be held high in regard.