Turn Your Back on Traditional Cigarettes

Over the course of a decade, millions of smokers, as well as many non-smokers, picked up an e-cigarette and never looked back. These fabulous inventions were made famous in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist looking for a way to prevent cancer. Today, more than one in three smokers have made the switch, and it is easy to see the reasons they did.

Consider what you might be doing in just a few minutes. It is early, the weather is cloudy, and the wind is more than a bit chilly. Still, you will find yourself standing in the middle of it to get the nicotine buzz you crave. Encountering unfavourable weather is the fate of many smokers since the 2006 ban on indoor smoking.

E-cigarettes were not included in this ban, meaning you can bring them into almost any building without fear of being turned away. For many, this is more than enough reason to make the switch. For others, this alone is not enough, and they must look to the other amazing benefits to make their choice.

Regain Control of Your Health

For many smokers, the switch had everything to do with their health. They were right to do so because e-cigarettes were found to be upward of 95 percent healthier than traditional cigarettes due in large part to the fact they hold none of the harmful, cancer-causing carcinogens.


Smoking-related illness killed 100,000 UK citizens just last year alone, and you never know when you might become part of that statistic. Your best chance to avoid this possibility is to make the switch and make it quickly. No matter where you find yourself, you deserve the chance to protect your health. E-cigs in Australia are healthier than any other form of nicotine consumption, and they taste far better.

Goodbye Terrible Flavour

Traditional cigarette smoke used to follow you around like an invisible fog. It clung to your clothes, hair, and skin, and you quickly become nose-blind to the problem. Unfortunately, that did not stop your loved ones from knowing your arrival well before you walked into a room.

E-cigarettes have little to no smell, and that smell is usually light and sweet. Because they produce vapour and not smoke, even that tiny scent quickly dissipates into the air. You can finally walk into a room and smile confidently in the knowledge that no one will turn their head and wrinkle their nose at you.


Second- and thirdhand smoke is another problem avoided with e-cigarettes. The more time you wait to switch, the longer you place your loved ones in danger. Studies over the last decade found that inhaling secondhand smoke increased the chance of lung cancer by as much as thirty percent, and heart disease by as much as thirty-five percent. When you choose to switch from traditional cigarettes to an e-cigarette, your entire household makes the switch with you.

Only you can make the decision to turn your back on traditional cigarettes. Know that there are millions of UK and Australian citizens who already made the switch. It can only get better from here on out