Why Per-Per-Use Gets You Results

Ever experienced buyer’s remorse after making a big purchase? When you sign up for a gym membership, it’s hard not to. Half the time that you’re paying for a membership, you’re not even there to use its equipment. That can be especially hard to handle considering the expensive monthly fees that you have to pay. With a pay-per-use gym, you can leave all of that behind. Paying only each time you enter the gym, these facilities will never lock you into paying for something you don’t even use.

These pay-per-use facilities are being heralded as the future of fitness. With no expensive contracts that lock you into 12-months (or more) of monthly payments, these gyms only you charge you for the time you spend in their space. These facilities don’t want to penalize you for having a life, so if you can’t make your scheduled work-out due to a busy social calendar or a week-long business trip, you won’t be charged.


A pay-per-use gym provides a welcoming and supportive space for you to work-out. They have top of the line weight training equipment for those who rather work on their own, and for those who need a little comradery (or maybe gentle encouragement) to get moving, pay-per-use gyms offer a ton of inspiring and exciting group classes like boot camp, muaythai, and spin classes.

If you’ve ever had a membership to the average gym, you know how hard it is to cancel your membership. The contract you signed has very strict terms regarding your membership’s termination, and they do nothing to benefit you. These conditions put your gym at an advantage, as you have to pay a large fee just to get out of paying for a membership you already find expensive.

The best of the pay-per-use gyms wants your transition from contract to freedom to be as easy as possible. That’s why Striation 6 will actually buy out your old contract. Simply arrive at their front desk and give proof of your cancellation fee, and Striation 6 will credit you the fee as visits to your gym. Check out Striation6.com to see how simple it is to get out of the clutches of contract gyms and start working towards health on your own time.

Once you see the results you can achieve at a pay-per-use gym, you’ll never experience that feeling of regret again. Buyer’s remorse will be a thing of a past when you still believed in memberships and contracts.